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The Voice Bible Study Series

This series of Bible Studies is designed to facilitate in-depth study of Scripture for small groups, churches, or individuals.  Most are organized either for public presentation and discussion or for use in personal devotional reflection and study throughout the week.  Each Bible study covers a biblical book (or in some cases two books), beginning with introductory material such as historical background, authorship, and date, and then working through the content of the book as Scripture for the Church. Each individual lesson concludes with discussion and study questions for each day of the week, and can be used as daily reading and devotional study. Careful attention is given to what the Bible says as testimony to God and the ways he works with human beings as a basis for Christian living in the world today.

Old Testament

Genesis 1-11

Exodus (Devotionals)

1 and 2 Kings

The Book of Job


New Testament

Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of John

First Corinthians

The Book of Hebrews

First Peter

The Book of Revelation

Additional Bible Studies

Luke 3:1-6 (7-18)

There are also commentary articles on various biblical passages that can be found in The Text Index.

These resources are offered as a ministry of the Christian Resource Institute with no access charge or subscription fees.  (See Copyright and User Information Notice).  If you find these resources useful in your personal Faith journey or ministry,  we only ask that as you use the material you assist us by a contribution or monthly donation to enable us to continue making them available. 
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