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Voice Bible Study Series

A series of detailed Bible Studies on various books of both Old and New Testaments for small groups, churches, or individual devotional study.

The Books of the Bible

Short articles providing summary information on the books of the Old and New Testaments.  Some of these are only content outlines, while others give brief information about the biblical books.  In some cases, there will be links to more detailed articles and information.

Issues and Methods in Biblical Interpretation

Issues, methods, and problems faced in interpreting Scripture in the church, including inspiration of Scripture as well as examples of dealing with potentially difficult passages.

History and Culture, the Context of Scripture

The historical, cultural, and social setting necessary for biblical interpretation and teaching, such as Ba'al worship, Near Eastern and Roman history, Israelite Kings, the relation of historical events to the text, etc. Includes several charts.

Scripture in the Church

Issues facing the modern church in relation to biblical studies especially from the perspective of evangelical churches, such as inerrancy, authorship debates, assumptions and perspectives on Scripture, as well as the practical application of Scripture to contemporary issues.

Biblical Theology

Various aspects of biblical theology from the perspective of Scripture as Faith Confession about God and as testimony to his revelation of himself in history, including methods, specific issues, and application of the theological perspectives in Scripture to the life of the church today.

Understanding Words in Scripture: Words for Biblical Studies

Brief introduction to the importance of understanding the meaning of selected biblical Hebrew and Greek terms that lie behind English translations. (This section is available but is still being developed.)

Biblical Languages Study Aids

Various charts on word usage and grammatical features to aid in the study of biblical languages.

Old Testament

Articles on specific Old Testament books or passages, organized according to the Hebrew canon:  Torah, Prophets, Writings; also topics closely related to specific books or sections of the Old Testament, such as the nature of prophecy, the character of wisdom, types of Psalms, etc.

New Testament

Articles on specific New Testament books or passages, as well as topics closely related to NT books or literature.

Biblical and Christian Symbolism

A menu page for articles dealing with various kinds of symbolism in Scripture and the Church, including the use of objects, color, numbers, and various images.

Bible Short Topics

A collection of short articles dealing with various aspects of Scripture.   They are not meant to be thorough answers and do not intend to cover all aspects of the issues raised, but do deal with specific issues related to one or more passages.  In some cases, there will be links to more detailed articles that deal with other aspects of the issue.

Bible PhotoTour

A collection of photos and maps related to the study of Scripture, including archaeological sites, items related to the customs and culture of the biblical world and the early church, and other items of interest. (This section is available but is still being developed.)

Index of Biblical Passages

This index lists biblical passages that are the main topic of an article in the CRI/Voice web.  It does not list passages that are only referred to in a secondary way, or that are used to illustrate other main topics.

The Revised Common Lectionary Sunday Readings

This listing of Sunday readings is organized by the three- year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary, and is arranged according to the church year beginning with Advent.

Index of Sunday Lectionary Readings by Biblical Books

This listing of biblical readings provides a quick reference to determine when any particular biblical passage is used in the three year cycle of Revised Common Lectionary readings.  It is color coded to distinguish between different types of readings.

Index of RCL Commentaries by Year and Sunday

Links to commentaries and study articles on the Revised Common Lectionary Sunday Readings, arranged by Sundays through each of the three-year cycle.  Not all Sundays have articles available yet.


There are Greek and/or Hebrew fonts used in some articles or pages that will not display unless you have Silver Mountain’s Silver Fonts (Sgreek, Rhebrew) installed and have right-to-left text activated. These are available to download as shareware from Silver Mountain Software. Other types of Greek or Hebrew fonts that you may have installed likely will not display properly because of the way the fonts are mapped to English keyboards.

There are also a few pages that have Hebrew or Greek fonts in Unicode.  These will not display properly unless you have Unicode enabled or multilingual support installed with Greek and Hebrew enabled.  One or two pages that contain extensive non-Roman fonts are available only in Adobe .pdf format. 

Some articles contain quotations from The New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America, and are used by permission. All rights reserved.

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2016, Dennis Bratcher - All Rights Reserved
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