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Resources for the Lectionary

The Church Year begins with Advent in November/December.
We are presently in  Year B  of readings in the Revised Common Lectionary.
 beginning with Advent, December 1, 2019
Year B:  2017-2018; 2020-2021
Year C:  2015-2016; 2018-2019
Year A:  2016-2017, 2019-2020>

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The Lectionary

The Lectionary as a tool for preaching and teaching in the Church.

The Revised Common Lectionary, Index by Sunday

A complete listing of Sunday Bible readings for the three year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary readings, arranged in order by season of the church year beginning with Advent, without specific dates.

Index of Lectionary Readings and Commentaries by Year and Sunday

Theological Commentary on one or more of the Sunday Lectionary texts including exegesis of the text and Preaching Paths, organized by Year and Sunday, with dates for each Sunday.

Index of Lectionary Readings by Biblical Books

This listing of biblical readings provides a quick reference to determine when any particular biblical passages is used in the three year cycle of Revised Common Lectionary readings.  It is color coded to distinguish between different types of readings.

Index of Biblical Passages

Lists biblical passages that are the main topic of an article in the CRI/Voice web, including Lectionary Commentaries, organized by biblical book.

Links to Other Lectionary Resources [external links]

Sermons and Sermon-Lectionary Resources, Richard Fairchild and Brett Blair

One of the best indexes to other lectionary and sermon preparation resources, including a short summary of each site.  Includes resources and sermons.

The Text This Week

An  index of resources with links to a variety of commentary and background information on the RCL readings, as well as related articles; contains an excellent index of biblical passages with links.

Other Resources

The Church Year

Information on the cycle of church seasons that comprise the Christian Church calendar, including links to specific seasons and related articles, such as Colors of the Church Year.

Resources for the Church Year

Menu page of a variety of resources relating to the seasons of the Church Year, including information about each season of the Christian calendar.

Reflections on Worship

Selection of articles dealing with various aspects of worship and theology of worship, including a collection of prayers to be used in public worship.

The Books of the Bible

These are short articles providing summary information on the books of the Old and New Testaments.  Some of these are only content outlines, while others give brief information about the biblical books.  In some cases, there will be links to more detailed articles and information.

Sermons and Homilies

Selection of sermons and homilies related to services of worship and resources for public Christian worship, including lectionary resources and the observance of the church year.

The Lectionary texts for Sunday readings are adapted from the Revised Common Lectionary, copyright © 1992 by the Consultation on Common Texts, Nashville: Abingdon Press.  Unless otherwise attributed, Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA.

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2019, Dennis Bratcher - All Rights Reserved
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