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Spam/Virus Cautions

While the internet can be a wonderful source of information, unfortunately there are dangers posed by unscrupulous people or those looking to make a quick profit.  The CRI/Voice site is a high profile site on the Internet with nearly 60 million hits a year, so is it is not surprising that it would be targeted.

Spoofed Site

One technique is to use variations of the URL address of legitimate or popular web sites.  The URL address for CRI/Voice is crivoice.org.   However, the URL address crivoice.com, or other domains prefaced by crivoice, sometimes appears as a spam site.  Such sites usually point to a search portal that contains many of the same topics found on CRI/Voice, yet redirects users to sponsored sites or sites that pay a fee to advertise on the spam site. Such links can also lead to sites that download malware. The spoofed site may also use advertising popups and track users with spyware cookies, as do many of the redirected sites. 

Fraudulent E-Mail

Another avenue is fraudulent or spoofed e-mail. In this case, an email appears to have been sent from the CRI/Voice's web site complete with a legitimate looking return address.  Often, the subject headers contain religious references, messages to confirm orders or donations, or feign other personal correspondence.

However, a close examination of the full header of the e-mail (which can be revealed in most mail programs) shows the true origin of the mail.  These e-mails either contain advertising for various products, or contain viruses that are activated when the mail is opened. CRI/Voice, Institute and The Christian Resource Institute do not send unsolicited e-mail, nor do we communicate with users by e-mail unless they first contact the site.  Any other e-mail that purports to come from CRI/Voice should be considered fraudulent and not opened nor previewed.

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